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Safety is a two-way street. In road construction zones, employers need a sound traffic control plan and drivers need to proceed cautiously and obey directions.

The BCCSA is the WorkSafeBC approved certifier of all high-risk traffic control persons in BC.

The BCCSA’s comprehensive, two-day standardized course for Traffic Control Persons (TCPs) consists of classroom and practical training and is the only program of its kind accepted by WorkSafeBC under Section 18 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation for high-risk traffic control. This two-day training session has been designed to qualify those who work as high-risk TCPs throughout the province of BC. Upon successful completion, TCPs are provided with a three year certification. To re-qualify, TCPs must complete the one-day requalification course.


TWO-DAY COURSE SCHEDULE (new certification)


 June 8-9 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

June 15-16 (Saturday & Sunday Chilliwack)

June 22-23 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

July 6-7 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

August 10-11 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

August 24-25 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

September 7-8 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

October 5-6 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)

November 16-17 (Saturday & Sunday Surrey)


ONE-DAY COURSE (re-qualification)


 Link to online re-qualification course:




To successfully complete the course, the participant must pass both the written exam with a minimum mark of 80% and the practical evaluation with 100%. Records of completion are provided by the BCCSA and are valid for three years. 


Participants who successfully complete the training will understand the following:

• Roles and responsibilities of TCPs, employers and supervisors

• Regulations and standards (MOT, WorkSafeBC & MVA)
• Traffic control equipment and devices, including PPE
• Setting up, maintaining and removing work zones
• Working around equipment
• Signaling
• Communication




  • Class size will be limited to a maximum of 6 students
  • Students will always remain a minimum 2 m (6 ft) apart

    a. Classroom Instruction, students will be seated 1 person per table Employees working in office must complete Covid-19 health questionnaire at beginning of each day.

    b. Table Top Activity #2, students will be assigned individual roles and will be provided disposable non-latex gloves to wear while handling the toys/devices

    c. On-Road Practical, small cones will be used to mark physical distancing locations

  • Classroom/Bathroom facilities, PPE, and   supplies/materials will be cleaned/disinfected each day before and after class

  • Classes will be scheduled a minimum 1 week apart
  • Lysol wipes, disposable non-latex gloves, and disposable masks will be provided and easily accessible to students
  • Student Welcome Letter updated to advise students to bring gloves to wear while handling equipment
  • A daily COVID-19 checklist will be completed by everyone who enters the building prior to class starting.
  • No unauthorized persons will be allowed to enter the building while class is in session
  • PPE collected after the On Road Practical will be placed in a bag to be cleaned/sanitized.
  • Do not share equipment/tools.
  • Frequent hand washing is essential!

If you are experiencing symptoms, STAY HOME!   

Call 811 or visit



If you have any questions, please contact us !

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